Friday, May 10, 2013

Best spring tops

The best spring tops of 2013 are high-low tops. High-low tops are a type of a shirt that is high in the front, and long in the back. They can go with pretty much anything. For example, they can go with shorts, jeans, or colored pants. When you look at  from the back, they look like you’re wearing a dress. High-low dresses are also available but they are pretty long. The long dresses can go with low boots or high heeled boots.

Another top that people are wearing are high tops. High tops have a high back and front up to your waist. These tops are very pretty because they look very nice shorts and some shoes. A high top is very pretty. You can even make your own just by taking a shirt and cutting it. Cut it across start from the bottom first because you don’t want to cut it too short. You can stop where you want to stop and there you have it.

My favorite hi-low tops for the season are :

Sparkle & Fade Breezy High/Low Tank Top
Stussy California High/Low Tank Top
Sparkle & Fade Long-Sleeve High/Low Stripe Tee

My other favorite high-low dresss are:
Ruffled High-Low Dress w/ Skinny Belt
High-Low Ruffle Dress
High-Low Floral Lace Dress

This is one of my favorite tops:

My favorite high low dress is :