Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ways to match with bags

In my opinions I think that you should match bags with outfits for example the Pandora One-Shoulder Handbag
by Ensoen can go with pretty much everything. Black bags and white bags can go with anything, but when it 
comes to a colorful bag like pink, blue, purple,red you have to be very carefull because you may look like rainbow and i'm sure nobody wants to look like rainbow. If your going to wear a red dress try to match your dress with like a burgundy bag, it looks more casual with the red dress, but if your going to wear a skirt and a shirts with like a jacket try to go with the darkest bag you may have. But if your going to match it with a bright color go with like white or beige or maybe black because it matches with anything.

My favorite bag style is the pandora One-Shoulder Handbag by Ensoen its my favorite because is easy to carry and it matches with pretty much every thing.

My second favorite bag is the Deena & Ozzy Traditional Tote bag i think its easy to carry along anywere and it has alot of space in it.